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The CIC Game Plan

Transforming Learning and Teaching Environments for the Challenges of the Future

Our goal is to inspire schools and their neighborhood-partners to embrace community-sourced arts and design as vehicles for positive change. The Creative Improvement Council’s award-winning comprehensive approach transforms learning and teaching environments for the challenges of the future.

We offer The CIC Game Plan as a practical guide for creating energized and interesting surroundings that enrich the experiences for everyone in the school community. Establishing a thoughtful, interesting, engaging, and welcoming environment will seamlessly add to the positive experiences for everyone. Creating an environment conducive to learning, working, and discovery will support the ethos of your institution.

Six Standalone Modules

  1. Plans, People, Priorities
  2. Establishing Your "Compass of Design"
  3. Envisioning Interior Design for Infrastructures of Learning
  4. Exterior Designs
  5. Projects
  6. Data and Research

"Watching the kids involved in the transformation process, as well as the community, it is amazing to see that level of energy. It has changed the whole atmosphere of the school."

— Community Member

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